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Sample Program

Example for three day program for school of 30 pupils


Day 1 A.M P.M
Gp 1 M.Bike Canoe
Gp 2 Orienteer W.Surf
Gp 3 Canoe Sail
Gp 4 Kayak Orienteer

Day 2    
Gp 1 W.Surf Kayak 
Gp 2 Kayak Sail
Gp 3 M.Bike W.Surf
Gp 4 Canoe Sail 

Day 3    
Gp 1 Orienteer Sail 
Gp 2 M.Bike Canoe
Gp 3 Kayak Orienteer
Gp 4 W.Surf M.Bike


Sample 2 for school 50 pupils for day trip  - schools wants one wet and one dry session

Divide Party into 7 Groups


  A.M P.M
Gp 1 Sail Orienteer
Gp 2 Windsurf Woodland Walk
Gp 3 Canoe Team Build
Gp 4 Kayak M. Bike
Gp 5 Orienteer Sail
Gp 6 Team Build Canoe
Gp 7 M. Bike Kayak


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